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Get Smooth, Soft Skin Today

Relax With a Facial Today

Facials are a great way to relax, and they help improve the look and feel of your skin. Performing a routine facial on your skin will help keep it smooth and free from blemishes. At Sana's Beauty Cafe, we offer facials for our customers to help them get the skin they have always desired.

Herbal Products in Use

We use O3+ products for all of our facials. These products are herbal products and ideal for any type of skin. Whether you have acne, smooth skin, or dried-out skin, our products are perfect for you. Each facial will begin with an assessment of your skin type first so that we can use the right product on your face.

Let's Help You Combat Acne

If you are battling acne and need help keeping it gone, our O3+ facial products can help. Each product is made with herbal ingredients, meaning it will not irritate or bother your skin. Our cleanser will remove any excess dirt and oil from your pores to allow the moisturizer to penetrate and keep your skin soft and smooth.
Get the soft, supple skin that you have always wanted! You will love how radiant it looks. 
Try our O3+ pineapple facial today!
Get a mini organic facial at just $20!
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