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Temporary Body Art

We offer Henna Body Art to help you get a beautiful-looking tattoo without going through the tattooing process. All of our temporary body tattoos last for two to three weeks and will not fade over that time.

All Natural Ingredients

Our Henna Body Art ink is made from natural herbs, so you never have to worry about skin irritations or awful breakouts that leave your skin red, dry, and inflamed. Our Indian-style tattoos are perfect for everyone and can go anywhere on your body. Contact Sana's Beauty Cafe today!

Pricing for Henna Body Art

Our Henna Body Art tattoos start at a low price of just $10 per tattoo. Pricing will change with the different types of artwork you choose. For instance, a larger and more detailed piece will cost more than a smaller and simple piece. If you have any questions about pricing, give us a call today.
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Henna body art is perfect for everyone and adds a nice touch to your style. You can choose from many styles and different artwork pieces.
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